Jon Rezin Grammy Nominated Mixer / Vocal Producer

I have the best job in the world… I mix records. I feel blessed that I can say that. Mixing makes up about 98% of my work, while the rest of is comprised of vocal production, music production for albums, and recording.


When I mix, my focus is serving the music. I want to bring out the hidden magic in the song… highlight the lyrics, and most of all… make it sound like a hit. Demo mixes are a thing of the past, so whether I’m mixing something to be pitched to a label or if the song is already slated for the record, I approach the song with the same conviction; This song must be a smash! This focused attention to detail and commitment to quality has helped give me the opportunity to work for some of the most amazing artists in the world.

I have developed a quick hand at making songs radio ready. Every time I mix it’s a new experience. Each song has it’s own requirements. Each it’s own strengths and weaknesses…. I address them all, so that in the end, it sounds amazing. The fact that my clients come back again and again to have me mix their records means something is going right. When I deliver you my mixes, you can be assured that my mixes will deliver.


I love working with artists, and there is no greater joy than working with an amazing vocalist. I’ve had the pleasure of doing vocal production for numerous ‘A list’ artists as well as for soundtracks to movies and television shows… including the highest grossing television show of all time – American Idol.

I love vocal production. When I get into the studio with an artist, my first goal is to break the ice.. make them comfortable…. and get them out of their own way. Vocalists are unique in that, unlike any other musician, they are the instrument. That fact, makes my job ever more important. When the artist doesn’t feel well emotionally or feels inhibited, their instrument (their voice) reflects that. My goal is to make the artist comfortable and feel safe to explore. Once that happens, the work of coaxing out a magical performance is greatly eased.

I’ve become quite adept at assessing the strengths of singers. I can tell when they have peaked and when they have more to give. My ability to coax that magical performance out of them is what keeps me working. One thing that sets me apart from many other vocal producers is that I will handle the vocal process all the way to the end. I comp vocals, edit to create the perfect performance, and tune and time the vocal till it shines. The end result is often something far greater than the artist believed was possible.


Recording is my first love. I cut my teeth recording jazz bands in NYC so I learned a thing or two about mic’ing. These days my recording chops are primarily used for rock, pop, and urban records. I am often complimented on my drum and piano recordings. Too many engineers don’t worry about phase and space… I do… and I believe the results speak for themselves. With shrinking budgets, I don’t get to experiment in the studio as much as I used to.. but I have honed my process so to achieve creative recording quickly. A lot of times bands will call me in for the first day of recording just to help them dial in the sounds and mic positions… It saves me a ton of time on the back end (when mixing the record) and saves the artist(s) a bag of $$$ on the front end.. win win.

So.. how can I help you? Im always looking for great new artists and projects to sink my teeth into. That hunger to surpass my previous work is always there. If you want to propose a project to me or hire me for an upcoming mix, send me an email via the contact form above and let me know a bit about your project, send me some links to listen, and what your time frame looks like. I’ll get in contact shortly and we can see about the possibilities of crating something inspiring together!

I look forward to hearing from you.