Jon Rezin is a Grammy Nominated mix engineer and vocal producer who’s work can be heard on numerous top-charting albums spanning the last decade. (Santana, One Direction, Carly Rae Jepsen) His mixing style, which ranges from punchy to aggressive, organic to epic, brings out the hidden gems in each song with a sonic signature that is undeniable. His love of music from around the world has helped him amass a trail of global hit mixes. These include several top charting albums in both the Japanese, Chinese, and Latin markets. (Girl’s Generation, Natalia Jimenez, BoA, Wang Rong, Tomohisa Yamashita, SHINee)

“Jon Rezin has been my go-to mixing engineer for the past few years… I appreciate his focus on a clean vocal sound and he is a pleasure to work with…” – Toby Gad (tobygad.com)
Jon is also a first call vocal producer responsible for helping create some of the signature vocal sounds for both major label and indie artists. This includes vocal production for seven seasons on the hit television show American Idol. His ability to take a vocalist’s performance to the next level by bringing out qualities they didn’t even know they had within is a skill that has made him invaluable to several top tier producers.
Each project is an opportunity to out-do his previous best. Jon prides himself on exceeding all expectations… even his own. His greatest work is yet to come.

Jon Rezin was born in Columbus Ohio and became immersed in music almost immediately. His parents were part of a traveling folk band called “Refuge”. He would sit in and listen to their rehearsals quite intently.. often times adding his own noises to the rehearsal tapes. Little by little as his noticeable interest in music blossomed he began to play the families piano regularly. His parents decided it best to put him in piano lessons for his good and that of their ears. He played primarily by ear but began to learn the basics of the discipline of music. His first recital was in his elementary school in the third grade in which he played his own composition. When his parents band packed up there gear to move in other directions in their lives Jon took the opportunity to commandeer his mothers guitar and began to play.. he was quickly moved into the basement which had been sound-proofed for band rehearsals. He played guitar through middle school in numerous bands and it was then that he discovered recording… in the form of a 4 track reel to reel recorder.

Little by little his love of music and technology began to blend putting him on the path to a career in music production. He attended a performing arts high school not far from his home where he continued his music… learning Jazz and playing both jazz guitar in several ensembles as well as Jazz electric and upright bass. It was here that he first began truly focusing on recording his ideas in the form of completed produced works.

After graduating he spent one year performing service work in the Baha’i communities around Ohio. The Baha’i Faith is the youngest and most widespread of the worlds religions and Jon is a member of this community. Check out www.bahai.org for more information. During this year of service and reflection his focus on music production became firmly set in his mind.

Jon waved goodbye to his home and moved to New York City in 1997. He decided to study Music Production and Jazz Studies at The City College of New York and enrolled in the Sonic Arts Program. During these 5 years of undergraduate (yes 5 NOT 4 years) he went to school during the day and worked in studios around town during the night… His discipline was recording and sleep could wait. While other students were learning what digital audio was… Jon was doing sessions for major labels and major artists during his first year… coming into his classes with real world experience to share and also hone in the school…. and often bringing those clients into the school in the after school hours to do sessions.

During the ten years which Jon lived and worked in N.Y.C. he had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest talents in Jazz, Hip-Hop, and World Music. Racking up an impressive resume and extensive experience in engineering and production.

In 2006 he and his soon to be wife decided it was time to move to warmer climates as she is from Kenya which straddles the equator.. and cold was not an option. Jon packed his studio and moved from N.Y.C. to LA. His fiance soon moved from Haifa Israel via Vancouver to L.A. and they were married.

Within one month of landing in L.A. Jon was working heavily in film, doing sessions at major recording studios for major label artists as well as producing remixes and debut records for numerous indie artists. In the process of refining his craft he has become a 1st call mix engineer. From Reggare to Hip Hop, Rock, to Pop, Jon’s work can be heard on albums from some of the biggest artists in the music industry. Some of his clients include Toby Gad (tobygad.com) who he has mixed over 250 songs for in the last 2 years and SM Entertainment (A major K-Pop label) who he has mixed a number of major singles for. His discography includes some of the top names in the business. (Santana, One Direction, Carly Rae Jepsen, Girl’s Generation, American Idol & X-Factor) He is also one of the top vocal producers in Los Angeles and has performed vocal production for the #1 show in the world American Idol for 7 years as well as numerous Disney movies and television shows.

His resume keeps growing as do the list of producers, labels, studios, and artists who keep coming back to him for more of the quality which he imparts on everything he touches.