For those who know my history in music, the fact that I have an extensive background in audio book production may come as some surprise. In fact it is a skill I focused on developing to address one of my passions: Creating commercial quality audio books for my church community: The Bahá’i Faith.

Since I was already immersed in the recording industry as a mildly successful audio engineer I decided to get jobs at two of the top audio book production houses in NYC. During the year and a half that I worked at these production houses I learned the ins and outs of the audio book industry and what it takes to create great audio books. I was fortunate to work with some of the top directors and voice over talent in the industry. I worked on projects for Random House, Harper-Collins, Penguin Audio, Highbridge, Houghton Mifflin, Renaissance Audio, and on and on. The books to right represent a sampling of the titles I have had the privilege to work on.

The experience I gained working on some of the premier titles as well as the opportunity to learn from the most recognized talent in the industry has been invaluable for the numerous vocal and VO sessions I find myself being called for to this day.

You can also check out my own audio book endeavor for my Bahá’í community at

Here are some of the commercial audio books I have had the pleasure to work on: