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“Little Girl” by Faith Marie

Super talented singer. Watch out for her! I had the pleasure to handle the Mixing on this tune as well as the vocal editing.

Mixing SHINee’s new album “DxDxD”

It’s always exciting to mix a new J-Pop project. Often times I get called in to mix an artists singles.. but there is something that feels quite rewarding when I get tapped to mix a large chunk of an album. This is the case with SHINee’s new J-Pop album “DxDxD”. They called me to mix several singles as well as several album cuts for the record. The songs I mixed included:

~ DxDxD (the title track)
~ Wanted
~ Your Number
~ Good Good Feeling

Watching the fans go wild with reaction videos and forum posts not to mention seeing the crazy number of views the official videos get is really motivating. Just so you everyone can get a grasp on the massive nature of their shows, I’ve included a couple videos of them from their sold out stadium tours below.. yeah.. STADIUMS… and they continue to sell out more and more!

I’m thrilled to be a part of creating something which moves so many…it keeps me hungry for more! Enjoy some of the videos below:



SHINee DxDxD mixed by Jon RezinSHINee DxDxD, Wanted, Boys Will Be Boys, Your Number, Good Good Feeling mixed by Jon Rezin

“Antidote” by Faith Marie

Simple and beautiful. Mixing and Vocal editing handled by Jon Rezin

Natalia Jimenez new album Creo En Mi

I was thrilled to mix Natalia Jimenez’s newest album, “Creo En Mi”. Mixing the first and second singles “Creo En Mi” & “Quedate Con Ella” quickly expanded into an extremely rewarding experience crafting the sound of the entire album. Natalia and her team were outstanding to work with, and it was incredibly gratifying to see the product of our collaboration reach #2 on the Billboard Latin charts!

Check out some of the music below along with the Billboard charts:

Natalia Jimenez mixed by Jon Rezin on iTunes Natalia Jimenez mixed by Jon Rezin #2 on Billboard Top Latin Album Chart Natalia Jimenez mixed by Jon Rezin #2 on Billboard Latin Pop Album Chart

What is Dubstep?

This short introduction video helps define the genre and gives an auditory and visual glimpse into the passion behind the trobbing wob wob bass sounds. Enjoy! Read more

Behold: The Grand Taxonomy Of Rap Names

Absolutely Fabulous… my favorite is “improper use of k”… what’s yours?


4 simple steps to build your Twitter following


Photo Courtesy of: Luc Legay

So… you just discovered twitter and you want more people to follow you so your not so lonely in the twitterverse? Here are a couple simple steps you can follow to help you on your way. This simple strategy will help you find more followers… and create meaningful interactions.

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