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What is the best time to post a new blog post

There is a lot of question of what time or what day(s) are the best to post a new blog post. Much of it comes down to which metric you are measuring. For example: Are you looking for the most ReTweets? The most Facebook Shares? The most clicks? The most time spent on the site?

Of course most people answer: “ALL OF THEM… YES… I WANT ALL OF THOSE.” The challenge is that much of those metrics have their peaks at vastly different times and days. The best method to start with is to explore the data from other sites (in general or in your niche) and use that data to help you start your own process of timing posts. Once you begin to experiment with post timing in conjunction with using a URL shortener that incorporates some analytic which allow you to track clicks, ReTweets, or other traffic (such as… which I use) you can begin to develop your own data set which reflects your own blog audience. Developing that skill of testing, assesing, and adjusting your post times to increase audience engagement will put your blog on a faster track to building your readership.

In the meantime here are some references for you to start with.

Here is a great graphic to help you start your exploration:

For more detailed information and a lot more research into data sets and choosing days/times based on specific metrics I encourage you to check out the blog of Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella. There is a wealth of information there that will help answer a lot of questions about Timing of Blog posts, Tweets, and Facebook Likes.

This article is chocked full of blogger specific info related to sharing and engagement in your posts… A great read.



When and How to Respond to Blog Posts About You Or Your Business

I think artists (and most industries in general) can learn a great deal by looking outside of their own narrow field for inspiration, guidance, and innovation. This is one such gem of wisdom I found online. It is a chart the US Air Force uses to choose when and how to respond to blog content posted about them. I use it as a reference when I am working on an artists promotional campaign. In fact, it is a great tool for any artist, business or public figure to refer to when deciding what course of action they should take when they find blog posts about them. It is very methodical and makes quite a bit of sense. Have you tried something similar to this? What works and what doesn’t?

Behold: The Grand Taxonomy Of Rap Names

Absolutely Fabulous… my favorite is “improper use of k”… what’s yours?


Studio Monitoring Nightmares? 8 Steps to help get your mixes sounding right.


Photo Courtesy of: RockMixer

Why mixing with crap monitoring and getting crap results
will make you believe you are a crap engineer… and how to fix it.

Let me start off by saying that I feel blessed to be working in a field that I am passionate about… and right now given the economy I feel glad I am working at all. Part of the process of working freelance is that every job is different. Different projects, different people, different studios. This can be quite exciting… but part of the challenge that comes along with working in different studios is that sometimes I find myself walking into an acoustic nightmare… mind you this is not every unfamiliar room I go into… many times I am surprised to find a fabulous room that I didn’t know about. When I find great rooms I add them to my list of “places I would like to work”.. but too often I find myself in a room that lacks of any real sense of acoustic treatment… It may look good… but sound is what counts. A studio will never tell you that its mix room sucks… that would mean less booking… and… you get the idea.

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