What is Dubstep?

This short introduction video helps define the genre and gives an auditory and visual glimpse into the passion behind the trobbing wob wob bass sounds. Enjoy! Read more

When and How to Respond to Blog Posts About You Or Your Business

I think artists (and most industries in general) can learn a great deal by looking outside of their own narrow field for inspiration, guidance, and innovation. This is one such gem of wisdom I found online. It is a chart the US Air Force uses to choose when and how to respond to blog content posted about them. I use it as a reference when I am working on an artists promotional campaign. In fact, it is a great tool for any artist, business or public figure to refer to when deciding what course of action they should take when they find blog posts about them. It is very methodical and makes quite a bit of sense. Have you tried something similar to this? What works and what doesn’t?

Hmmm… It seems the rapture may look a little different than expected.

Simply Brilliant… Brilliant.


From: http://milkfordeadhamsters.com/comics/poor-judgment

Behold: The Grand Taxonomy Of Rap Names

Absolutely Fabulous… my favorite is “improper use of k”… what’s yours?


How to effectively create a video news story

Sometimes we need to create promo materials and what better way than by creating a news worthy segment. But how do you do it? Here is the definitive guide to creating something fit for any major news network. Enjoy.

In support of our brothers and sisters in Haiti

Tragedy is not a strong enough word to convey the trauma and heartache being experienced in Haiti right now. In tradgic times the human spirit is tested and peoples ability to pull together is exercised. The horrific images which pour out of Haiti daily also tell of the strength of the Haitian people. Their resolve to help their fellow citizens when they themselves have lost everything is something which is at once inspiring and motivating. It is hard to imagine losing everything and everyone you love in an instant… but that is exactly what they are experiencing right now. Each of us has heard the call to pledge our support for Haiti. The world is answering the call and slowly aid and relief is beginning to pour into Haiti. As I watched all this taking place I felt powerless to do something more significant. I am not a doctor, an aid worker, or independently wealthy. It was then that I received a call from my friend Bellringer. He had recorded a song for Haitian relief and he needed my help mixing, mastering and posting it. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. It is often easy to forget that each of us possesses gifts and talents which go far beyond our pocket books. If we all seek to apply our talents and expertise to addressing these challenges and ills that afflict the world how much more we could do! Anyway… I just wanted to share what I felt privileged to work on… It was a labor of love… and hopefully in some small way it can help make a lasting difference to our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Please Click below for more info, to see the video and download the song…

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Are You Happy? See flowchart for next steps…

Happiness is a funny thing… seemingly so hard to find… but also so easy to forget where it is once we’ve found it. Enjoy the flowchart… May 2010 be a year of victories for you…. and for goodness sake be Happy!

Studio Monitoring Nightmares? 8 Steps to help get your mixes sounding right.


Photo Courtesy of: RockMixer

Why mixing with crap monitoring and getting crap results
will make you believe you are a crap engineer… and how to fix it.

Let me start off by saying that I feel blessed to be working in a field that I am passionate about… and right now given the economy I feel glad I am working at all. Part of the process of working freelance is that every job is different. Different projects, different people, different studios. This can be quite exciting… but part of the challenge that comes along with working in different studios is that sometimes I find myself walking into an acoustic nightmare… mind you this is not every unfamiliar room I go into… many times I am surprised to find a fabulous room that I didn’t know about. When I find great rooms I add them to my list of “places I would like to work”.. but too often I find myself in a room that lacks of any real sense of acoustic treatment… It may look good… but sound is what counts. A studio will never tell you that its mix room sucks… that would mean less booking… and… you get the idea.

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Dope Viral Videos


Photo Courtesy of: Sicoactiva


I have the opportunity to consult with a lot of indie bands and artists… finances are always an issue when it comes to making a music video. In response to the need I created a list of mostly music videos that I have run into on the net which will serve as food for thought for these bands looking to create compelling video content. I have been sharing it for a while privately, but now figured I should share it with you all. These are the dopest videos I have seen that meet one or more of the following criteria:

1. Done on a super tight budget (or at least could have been)

2. Have a compelling concept which is unique and engaging

3. Are visually unique and/or powerful

4. Somehow they push the boundaries of the video/web format

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4 simple steps to build your Twitter following


Photo Courtesy of: Luc Legay

So… you just discovered twitter and you want more people to follow you so your not so lonely in the twitterverse? Here are a couple simple steps you can follow to help you on your way. This simple strategy will help you find more followers… and create meaningful interactions.

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