“Believe” by Bass Adjustment featuring Emily Kay

Had the thrill of handlong vocal editing and mixing on this new track by Bass Adjustment. Enjoy!

“Little Girl” by Faith Marie

Super talented singer. Watch out for her! I had the pleasure to handle the Mixing on this tune as well as the vocal editing.

Mixing SHINee’s new album “DxDxD”

It’s always exciting to mix a new J-Pop project. Often times I get called in to mix an artists singles.. but there is something that feels quite rewarding when I get tapped to mix a large chunk of an album. This is the case with SHINee’s new J-Pop album “DxDxD”. They called me to mix several singles as well as several album cuts for the record. The songs I mixed included:

~ DxDxD (the title track)
~ Wanted
~ Your Number
~ Good Good Feeling

Watching the fans go wild with reaction videos and forum posts not to mention seeing the crazy number of views the official videos get is really motivating. Just so you everyone can get a grasp on the massive nature of their shows, I’ve included a couple videos of them from their sold out stadium tours below.. yeah.. STADIUMS… and they continue to sell out more and more!

I’m thrilled to be a part of creating something which moves so many…it keeps me hungry for more! Enjoy some of the videos below:



SHINee DxDxD mixed by Jon RezinSHINee DxDxD, Wanted, Boys Will Be Boys, Your Number, Good Good Feeling mixed by Jon Rezin

“Antidote” by Faith Marie

Simple and beautiful. Mixing and Vocal editing handled by Jon Rezin

Natalia Jimenez and Jon Rezin nominated for Latin Grammy for album of the year

Nominated for the Latin Grammys!!!!

Wow! It is surreal.. we found out Natalia’s record is up for the Latin Grammy’s and has been nominated for 2 categories: ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Song of the Year’ for “Quedate Con Ella”! This means I will be attending my first Grammy Awards as a nominee…. Incredible! There are 9 other amazing nominees in each of the categories.. but what an honor to even be nominated alongside so many incredible creators!?

Natalia will also be performing the title song “Creo En Mi”. Going to enjoy this thoroughly. Looking forward to Las Vegas on NOV 19th! (I’ll be instagramming the hell out of my experience)

ITS REAL!!!!!!:
Natalia Jimenez and Jon Rezin nominated for Latin Grammy for album of the year
Natalia Jimenez and Jon Rezin nominated for Latin Grammy for album of the year Natalia Jimenez and Jon Rezin nominated for Latin Grammy for album of the year Natalia Jimenez and Jon Rezin nominated for Latin Grammy for album of the year

New song for Miss Hong Kong!

I was privileged to be asked to mix the new theme song for the Miss Hong Kong pageant for 2015. They made a cute video to go along with it. Check it out!

Natalia Jimenez new album Creo En Mi

I was thrilled to mix Natalia Jimenez’s newest album, “Creo En Mi”. Mixing the first and second singles “Creo En Mi” & “Quedate Con Ella” quickly expanded into an extremely rewarding experience crafting the sound of the entire album. Natalia and her team were outstanding to work with, and it was incredibly gratifying to see the product of our collaboration reach #2 on the Billboard Latin charts!

Check out some of the music below along with the Billboard charts:

Natalia Jimenez mixed by Jon Rezin on iTunes Natalia Jimenez mixed by Jon Rezin #2 on Billboard Top Latin Album Chart Natalia Jimenez mixed by Jon Rezin #2 on Billboard Latin Pop Album Chart

Billboard ranks “Catch Me If You Can” as “Most Watched K-Pop Video…”

It feels really good to see Billboard rank “Catch Me If You Can” by Girl’s Generation the “most watched K-Pop video” for the month of April 2015… I know.. just one month.. but it feels good to see my work reaching so many people! At nearly 15 Million views in 30 days… it seems some others are feeling pretty good about it too!

Released in Korea and Japan simultaneously, this album is one of the first major mixes I’ve done for the K-Pop market. It was a blast!


Even with BIGBANG’s last-minute push to snatch No. 1, Girls’ Generation wound up with YouTube’s top-viewed K-pop video for last month.

The girls group’s Korean version of new Japanese single “Catch Me If You Can”was both April’s top watched K-pop vid in America and around the world on YouTube. It’s the first video from the group since February 2014’s “Mr.Mr.,” which was also No. 1 on both rankings that month.

Most Popular K-Pop Videos

GG at No. 1 on the American-based chart marks the fourth consecutive month at the top for their label, SM Entertainment. The agency has ruled the U.S. list every month in 2015 following SHINee‘s Jonghyun (January), f(x)‘s Amber (February) and Red Velvet (March). 4Minute broke their streak in the international ranking by snatching the most-viewed title in February.

Veteran K-pop star and label CEO J. Y. Park lands at No. 2 on both lists with “Who’s Your Mama,”which likely succeeded for the overtly sexual, PSY-like visual.

Both of the aforementioned beat out BIGBANG who looked hungry to steal the top slots with “Loser” and “Bae Bae,” which landed at the third and fourth slots, respectively. Both vids were released at 10:00am EST on April 30, meaning the group still ranked rather high with mere hours’ worth of views. The quintet is set to release new music at the top of every month until the September release of their Made album. The time difference between South Korea and America (the latter time zone is what YouTube considers for the cut-off for these rankings) means BIGBANG will have to rack up a remarkable amount of views are a remarkably fast speed if they want to top a monthly list.

Another act falling into a time crunch is newcomer boy band BTS. Their “I Need U” vid dropped on April 29, giving the band a little more than a day to rack up views. The effort landed at No. 9 on the U.S. ranking, but just missed the global ranking, ultimately landing at No. 11.

Billboard Ranks Girl's Generation most watched video of April 2015 mixed by Jon Rezin

Krewella’s New Single – “We Go Down”

Check out this new single “We Go Down” from the amazing Dubstep masters Krewella. I was thrilled to work on this song… I just did the vocal editing… but it is still pretty massive! Love the drops! Enjoy!

What is the best time to post a new blog post

There is a lot of question of what time or what day(s) are the best to post a new blog post. Much of it comes down to which metric you are measuring. For example: Are you looking for the most ReTweets? The most Facebook Shares? The most clicks? The most time spent on the site?

Of course most people answer: “ALL OF THEM… YES… I WANT ALL OF THOSE.” The challenge is that much of those metrics have their peaks at vastly different times and days. The best method to start with is to explore the data from other sites (in general or in your niche) and use that data to help you start your own process of timing posts. Once you begin to experiment with post timing in conjunction with using a URL shortener that incorporates some analytic which allow you to track clicks, ReTweets, or other traffic (such as su.pr… which I use) you can begin to develop your own data set which reflects your own blog audience. Developing that skill of testing, assesing, and adjusting your post times to increase audience engagement will put your blog on a faster track to building your readership.

In the meantime here are some references for you to start with.

Here is a great graphic to help you start your exploration:

For more detailed information and a lot more research into data sets and choosing days/times based on specific metrics I encourage you to check out the blog of Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella. There is a wealth of information there that will help answer a lot of questions about Timing of Blog posts, Tweets, and Facebook Likes.

This article is chocked full of blogger specific info related to sharing and engagement in your posts… A great read.