4 simple steps to build your Twitter following


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So… you just discovered twitter and you want more people to follow you so your not so lonely in the twitterverse? Here are a couple simple steps you can follow to help you on your way. This simple strategy will help you find more followers… and create meaningful interactions.

1. Post interesting or cool content… stuff about yourself or stuff you just found online… a website, video, invention, song, etc… make sure it is something you definitely think is cool and interested you… You are going to be the most passionate about things which you actually care about… people can feel that. Post your message as well as the link to the site you found it on by using a link shortening site like su.pr … using the su.pr link alone will help generate more buzz via www.StumbleUpon.com

2. Let your friends know you are using Twitter and then begin to follow other people you find interesting and have a similar community of interest… Take time to comment on their posts with an @InsertNameHere tag or ReTweet them with the RT tag to share their info with your friends… you can also forward what they posted by placing a (via @InsertNameHere) tag as well… the rule of the game is that “Like Seeketh Like”… if you like what they posted enough to share it with one of the above mentioned tags (so that they are aware you forwarded it) then they might check out what your other posts are and begin to follow you… and when you say something that resonates with them they might share it with their friends by ReTweeting what you say.

3. Communicate with those who follow you… they are already fans… show genuine interest in what they share… they will appreciate the acknowledgement and it will create a relationship that they then will help promote… Use the @InsertNameHere tag to make the reply to them public or the d tag… simply click the reply icon beside their tweet and then replace the @InsertNameHere tag with the letter d then a space then your message (EXAMPLE:  “d I really liked that post… thanks for creating it!”).. only you and the person you are sending it to will see it.

4. And lastly… when all those steps are done… and continue to be done regularly… and you ask folks to tweet out a link on your behalf or promote you… and you have built up enough good will… you wont have to beg.. simply ask and they will do it… even if it is just as a courtesy to your relationship.

Done and Done… Post the content that you feel is engaging, add some real interactions and relationships, and that combination will bring you more followers… create those relationships and you will create the community.

Jon Rezin


Thanks for the tips and explanation of symbols. A novice I am.

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